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KenThanks for taking the time to visit my site. If anyone’s vaguely interested in my personal history click on the bio page. It’s a fairly abbreviated biography as I don’t want to get sued by anyone. Hopefully you’re here to check on my books rather than my level of sanity. My editor, commenting on Hammerhead, did wonder what sort of writer begins a book with two of the most violent villains in crime fiction driving round in a car, wearing Looney Tunes masks (Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck). If you want to know the answer, buy the book.

Although I'm a great lover of the traditional book and I'm sure they'll never go out of style I have to admit to also being a huge fan of ebooks which are incredibly versatile, convenient and green. Just 16 of my books are published traditionally in paperback and audio, with another 6 on Amazon Kindle, (although all 22 are on Kindle). For those who like my sagas I've just had another one accepted by my publishers, Little Brown. It's called NEARLY ALWAYS, it's set in Leeds starting in 1937 then moving on to the the mid-fifties. I haven't got a publication date yet but it'll be sometime this year. I suspect it'll be out on Kindle first.

Right now I've got two books on the go. Never written two at the same time before. One's a saga set in World War One...okay, I admit it, I've jumped on the centenary bandwagon. This is a story with a difference insofar as it's set in two locations: 1: Pontefract (West Yorkshire) and 2: Germany where we follow the fortunes and misfortunes of newlywed Tommy Birch who has joined the army; and the trials and tribulations of Rita, his bride, back in Pontefract. Rita finds that life for a soldier's wife isn't all plain-sailing, especially as she receives official notification that Tommy's missing, presumed dead. Rita refuses to believe that her lovely husband is dead, hence the title TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE. Her denial of Tommy's reported death is a theme that runs all through the rest of the book, but does Tommy come back from the dead and is Rita waiting for him, if and when he gets back? Two seperate questions and at this stage I only know the answer to the first one. Who knows the answer to the second? Not me, not yet. I give my people such strong characters that I just can't predict where they'll take my story. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be in charge, but you try telling them that. They're very disobedient at times. That's the trouble when you give people strengths and weaknesses and a mind of their own, they tend to write their own stories. Anyway I should have a better idea how it turns out after I've written the last 30,000 words.

The other book's a new Mad Carew story which, to be honest, I shelved when I got more than halfway through in favour of finishing the saga, although I keep going back to it to take a look and maybe add a occasional chapter or two (maybe I'm worried what the characters are up to while I'm away). It's not easy keeping two storylines in your head at the same time, but going back to the saga after not thinking about it for a week or so does refresh the mind. I fact I think I'd recommend this to those who get writer's block... leave the book that's blocking you and start another, it's amazing how you build up a flood of ideas for the book you're not writing. The trick is to make a note of all those ideas, which is easy when you're tapping away on a word processor.

Right now, as well as writing two books, I'm trying to get something produced on television, which is a long shot and a completely different ball game. I've had talks with a couple of production companies and have attracted the interest of Screen Yorkshire who would be the ideal executive producers of my work.

Anyway, back to my books. If you want to take a look at the first dozen or so pages of any of them, or to check on the prices, or better still to buy, just click on any one of these titles.

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Also if anyone requires an after dinner speaker click on to my After Dinner page. Most of the highly complimentary letters are from golf clubs and corporate dinners. You’ll gather from the letters that I’m not a speaker to be taken too seriously.  Providing you don’t want anyone too erudite I also do library talks, literary festivals and the like.