Two Rings for Rosie

Two Rings for Rosie


When Rosie Jones' first lover, Sean Quinnan, is killed in a building accident, Rosie knows the blame lies with his irresponsible boss, her childhood tormentor Joe Brindle. But first Rosie has her own troubles to deal with - when she finds she is carrying Sean's baby she is disowned by her mother and fired from her job. Her old friend Barney Robinson does his best to help, but Barney is married and Rosie can't keep turning to him. Salvation comes in the form of war veteran, George Metcalf. They become great friends and he falls in love with her, offering to marry her and adopt son Eddie as his own. Even if he doesn't stir her heart, Rosie knows he is a good man. But Rosie's troubles are far from over. George's daughter, Barbara, is determined to thwart her every move, and, even with her husband to protect her, will she ever be truly safe from Joe Brindle?


Yorkshire Evening Press

Once again an excellent book by Ken McCoy.