When Ron Crusher is forced at gunpoint onto the parapet of a twelve-storey office block in the centre of Unsworth, he suspects that he's being used to distract the police while a criminal gang escapes and that his life will be spared. After all, he can't recall any grudges from his army days in Northern Ireland and he doubts there is any connection with Milo Morrell, local club-owner and supplier who is offloading cocaine in order to go legit. But just minutes later, he is sent plunging to his death, splattered across the pavement below without ever knowing why. Meanwhile, Sam Carew, ex-cop turned builder and private detective, is hired to go undercover to discover if Joey Gladstone, cruise ship crooner and self-confessed ladies man, is cheating on his wife. When he departs for Bridgetown, Barbados, where the Caribbean Rose is currently docked, little does Sam know that he will be drawn into the investigation of Ron Crusher's apparently motiveless murder, which will take him back to the murky depths of Unsworth's criminal underworld.



Tripper is one of the best private eye stories I’ve read in a long time; it’s fast paced with a great cast of strong characters, a generous a mount of wit and murder aplenty. It's The Real McCoy.

Euro Crime  (Geoff Jones)

Ken McCoy is a Yorkshireman and obviously knows the county very well. This is the third in Mad Carew novel and is a well crafted, tense thriller. The action is fast paced, very violent, but relieved by doses of good humour.

I enjoyed Tripper very much and it keeps your interest. Running alongside the investigation are details, commencing in 1967, when a young brother and sister, abandoned by their mother, are taken into care and the tragic events that form their lives

Amazon Readers review

Ken McCoy started a cracking new crime series with its main character, Sam 'Mad' Carew in MAD CAREW. He has followed it with TRIPPER which reads like a dream with its well established characters from the first novel and human interest. Mr McCoy gives his characters history and makes them flesh and blood without losing anything from the plot. The plot twists and turns, although you may guess who the culprit is towards the end. It has some harrowing moments but, amazingly, leaves you with a smile. The biggest crime is that Mr McCoy’s books aren’t promoted in the media more.

Woyano Reviews:

An excellent book full of interesting people (who spend a lot of time in the pub, then again, with a load of Yorkshiremen as lead characters what do you expect?) The story reaches back in time and drags the past into the present as the body count mounts. Sam becomes involved with a vicious gangster whilst trying to solve the case. Written with a very dry sense of humour, full of sarcasm and a sprinkling of wit I'd recommend his to anyone.

Amazon Readers review

Tripper reads like a dream. It has some harrowing moments but amazingly leaves you with a smile.