Mad Carew

Mad Carew


In the rundown northern town of Unsworth, the only thing the locals can celebrate is a victory by Unsworth Town. Sam Carew, an ex-cop-cum-builder, is starting work with his father, Ernest, on converting Greeside Hall into a nursing home. However, Sam is devastated when his father is found dead alongside Nicola Fulbright, a young working girl. With a large metal pole in his hand, one of the builders, Sean, is caught red-handed at the scene. Unsworth Police, under the critical eye of Detective Inspector Bowman, are convinced that this is an open and shut case. As Sam recovers from the grief of his father's death, he becomes uncertain of Sean's involvement - and his gut feeling is confirmed by information he receives from an encounter with a priest. Sam, now the owner of Carew and Son and amateur private eye, becomes determined to prove Sean's innocence. But as his leads evaporate and his private life collapses around him, Sam is drawn deeper into the seedy and dangerous underworld of Unsworth town. The first in a series, "Mad Carew" is the gripping debut crime novel by acclaimed saga-writer Ken McCoy.


Sherlock Magazine  (Ron Ellis)

I’d never heard of Ken McCoy but now I want to read everything else he’s written ...The best thing about this enjoyable book is the sharpness of the writing and the dry humour, which adds to the pace of the plot. It is no surprise that Ken McCoy can add after dinner entertainment to his list of activities. If he speaks as well as he writes he’ll wow them on the conference panels.

I Love A Mystery  (Bob Walch)

A hod full of action, an acerbic sense of humour, and a deft manipulation of the storyline to mask the killer until the closing pages of the novel make Ken McCoy’s debut as a mystery writer an event to take notice of. The quarter of a century he spent in the building trade certainly weren’t wasted years but it looks like McCoy has now found his true profession, Hopefully McCoy’s encore appearance isn’t too far off.

Speaking Volumes  (Review of the audio version, read by Ken McCoy)

An enjoyable read. The author has provided the right mixture of humour, suspense and danger with a dash of northern grit.     Well read by author Ken McCoy in a northern accent which adds to the story.

Akroyd Library Readers Group  (Audio version)

We all found this story to be a laugh a minute and was addictive listening. The author's other role as a stand up comic shone through. We'd love to read other novels by him.

Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine. 

... most enjoyable. Sam Carew is one in a long line of loveable British rogues such as Jonathan Gash's Lovejoy.... McCoy does an admirable job of moving the story along