Jacky Boy

Jacky Boy


On the day of his dad's funeral, when ten-year-old Jacky Gaskell meets Frank McGovern for the first time, he has no idea of the impact this brief meeting will have on his future. For when Frank is hanged for a murder he did not commit, Jacky's mother Maureen feels she must tell Jacky the truth: Frank was his real father. On the day of the execution Maureen loses the only man she ever truly loved and must now raise her three children, Brian, Ellie and Jacky, alone. Once the scandal gets out, there is little sympathy from the neighbours, and Jacky has a hard time at the local school from children and teachers alike. And there is little comfort to be had at home as Brian suddenly turns against his younger brother, constantly provoking arguments and fights. Jacky seems quite capable of taking care of himself though, he is quick witted, and always ready with some cheeky back-chat, but rather trouble-prone. Although he only met Frank briefly, Jacky is convinced he was innocent and feels duty bound to clear his name. Enlisting the help of his sister Ellie, the pair embark on a series of plans and stunts to bring the real killer to justice. However, when their actions backfire, they not only attract the attention of the police, but the more sinister attentions of the real murderer, who will stop at nothing to silence the Gaskells...


Glasow Evening Times

Heart warming and funny.

Peterborough Evening Telegraph (Alex Gordon - books editor)

Ken McCoy is one of the few men to successfully crack the romantic market and he's on top form with this period piece