Free as a Bird

Change for a Farthing


Beautiful, spirited Lola Lawless and young sister Evie are at the mercy of their violent father, policeman Ezra, until a terrible 'accident' sees him gone from their lives for ever - but at a terrible price. Ezra's legacy is not easily shaken: his brother Seth is convinced that Lola and Evie know more about the brothers' shady dealings than is safe, and is determined to cut them out of the picture once and for all...As Lola struggles to find love and Evie finds herself shipped about from pillar to post, it seems there's more behind the string of terrible events that beset them than fate alone, and some shady authority is helping Seth to punish them...



McCoy keeps a tight rein on his characters and his story, never letting them drift into B-movie melodrama as so many revenge stories are wont to do.